Victory is Dead

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

The man who was destined to save the world has killed himself. What does that mean for us?

Victory was already working in the castel acting as the voice of the people when he was announced as a candidate for King's advisor. His policies were always inline to lift the upper class, however, often he found ways to tie in the lower class district. Many people saw him as a saving grace.

“He was already doing more for this country than can ever truly be known. In his stead many people must rise from the ashes and carry his flame.”

Marlow and his family were projected on the wall all through the following week. The only questions asked to thirteen-year-old Marlow were related to that which most scared him. He'd witnessed his Victory's final few moments, heard his last words, and was thus saddled with the burden of spreading this news. I never once saw him cry, he seemed fully comfortable in repeating himself, though his tear stained cheeks told a different story.

More Bad News for Marlow

With the ending of an era and many dreams crushed, it was inevitable that the nation would seek to blame something. Many sought to change regulations surrounding work- though one could not blame the King for this matter. Instead eyes were turned to Marlow. Many wondered if his grief stricken appearance was honest. On that dark bridge, some wondered, could it not be that he was pushed?

A trial was held for Marlow. Many say it was merely a stunt devised to calm the hysterical public. The way Marlow moved past the crowd to take the stand made it seem as if there was a thickness in the air. Below is one of his statements that is quoted when addressing why the case was dropped.

"I killed Victor. Blame me. Let the wrath of the world befall me so that Victor's glory may live on and may be uninjered by the idea that he committed suicide. I killed Victor as I didn't move to stop him."

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