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Why Get Coaching?

"I don't know what to write next"

"This book isn't what I set out to write"

"I don't even know if this is any good!"

Writer's block blooms inside everyone. But when we stop writing the doubt starts to creep in and every day we don't write it gets harder to pick up the habit again.

I believe that the number one cause of writer's block is a flawed or underdeveloped plot.

So what can we do about it

This is me

Jasper Jay

I've been writing for 10 years and analyzing plots for just as long.

After completing my fifth manuscript started helping my friends and family uncover the plot they had in their head all along. I was giving the nickname 'plot king' for the way I was always able to determine the plot twist in every movie I watched.

I've found the most rewarding part of being a writer is giving back to the writing community. I became a story coach in order to help storytellers like myself get past the most difficult part of the writing prosses.

If you're looking for a down to earth, realistic coach, I can help you discover what's unique about your story, dispelling your doubts so you can get published


Needs To Be Hunted Down With a Knife

Or does it? You can find inspiration everywhere around you, in books, movies, nature, friends, experiences...

But you can never force it.

It can sometimes take months or years to get back to your work. In that time it's easy to forget what made you passionate about your novel in the first place and it can lose its heart.

And when you start, what's keeping you from getting writer's block all over again?

    Personal, One on One Coaching

  • Find the flaws in what you've already written

  • Develop your characters

  • Build your story world from the ground up

  • Discover how to end your work

  • Uncover the personal blocks that are holding you back from finishing your draft

  • Create your plan

  • Learn tricks and insights used in popular fiction

  • Generate ideas for your promotion plan and 

  • Have the elements in place to get published!

Contact Me

Want to know more about one on one coaching?

It's one click away.

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Send me your outline, the problems you're facing and what you like to talk about. I'll let you know what I can do to help.

We'll set a time and date for our video call. 

Your First Hour is only $35

Additional Hours $60

I'll send you an email covering what we talked about

and connect you with resources applicable to you

Get Character Profiles and Event Dossies as We Make New Discoveries

Join me on this mission to save the world

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