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Jasper Jay Adams

An adventurer and philosopher who collects stories by moonlight, I write to inspire and immortalize what I've learned. I write snarky and often dark, gay romances set in worlds not too unlike our own.


Always a storyteller, my current work is writing novels, being an AuthorTuber and traveling the world though I've done a great many things in my short life.

I'm fascinated by people, their missions, goals, passions, and pursuits so in turn, my characters are often what I long to be; the romantic, the king, the con artist, the wise old bat, the ignorant child.

I see the world through quixotic eyes and live to enjoy the moment. I love to work and am always creating new projects for myself and for the world. I really strive to make others happy and give them a place to express themselves as well as people to relate to.

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